A FOUNDATION FOR A CULTURE OF JUSTPEACE: Church as a Hermeneutic Community to Promote Peace Narratives

August Cornelis Tamawiwy(1),

(1) Boston College
Corresponding Author


This article argues that a culture of justpeace could be reached if the church as a hermeneutic community interprets all narratives in the light of promoting justpeace. Promoting good narratives will shape us to be peacemakers. By using the concept of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as a method, this article aims to invite people to engage conflict in a constructive way. This article aims discovers the role of justice, truth, and ecumenical-interreligious dialogue which play in the vision of a culture of justpeace. It also shows how the use of imagination is important in dreaming of a culture of justpeace. It invites us to see how narratives drive our imagination and design our character to make peace or violence.


conflict transformation, appreciative inquiry, jJustpeace, imagination, narrative.


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